15 Best KissAnime Alternatives

KissAnime is an online platform for streaming anime films. It features a sophisticated search tool that enables users to find their preferred cartoon videos based on genre, name, and current status. Additionally, this website allows users to request specific anime clips they wish to watch.

KissAnime Alternatives

Here’s a list of best KissAnime Alternatives that you can try it.

1. Xtreme HD IPTV

This top-rated international streaming service boasts over 21,000 live channels and more than 60,000 VODs. It features quick servers and technology to prevent streaming freeze-ups. Compatible with devices like Android TV, Amazon Firestick, and Smart TVs. Offers a 36-hour paid trial.

2. Honey Bee IPTV

Known for its comprehensive selection of 20,000 live channels, Honey Bee IPTV supports streaming on up to five devices simultaneously. Available on various platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and Roku. Provides a 36-hour paid trial option.

3. Crunchyroll

A free platform specializing in anime, where users can view their favorite cartoons and add reviews. Available globally, except in a few regions where a VPN might be necessary.

4. Contv

Offers a vast range of both modern and classic animated films and videos. Features include the ability to watch shows on mobile apps and add videos to a watchlist. Primarily available in the USA, with VPN access for other regions.

5. Animepahe

A strong contender in the anime streaming space, offering free access to the latest anime series and movies. Features English dubbed episodes and direct streaming or download options. Globally accessible.

6. Funimation

A daily updated platform for watching new anime series and episodes. Offers a vast library and supports various devices like Fire TV and Android. Available in regions like the USA, UK, Canada, and more, and is VPN friendly.

7. Anime Planet

This free platform offers over 45,000 anime episodes and allows users to create personalized anime lists. Features recommendations and detailed character information. Available in major regions including the USA and UK.

8. Gogo Anime

Allows free streaming of recent releases and a variety of anime genres. Features an active Discord server for community discussions. Accessible in several countries, including the USA and UK, with VPN for restricted areas.

9. Chia Anime

A high-quality anime streaming website offering a comprehensive genre list. Globally accessible, it allows easy viewing of popular and recent movies.

10. Animeheaven

Offers a collection of high-definition anime and cartoons, without the need for downloads or surveys. Features include a mobile-friendly interface and downloadable content from Google Drive. Available worldwide.

11. Masteranime

A free online anime viewing platform offering the latest series in high quality. Features a release schedule and a mobile-friendly interface. Accessible in the USA, Australia, India, Portugal, and more.

12. Animefreak

This streaming site adds new anime daily and offers the option to create a favorites list. Supports Firefox and Internet Explorer, and is available globally.

13. Cartooncrazy

A relatively new site providing free online anime series viewing and downloads in various resolutions. Features a large collection of popular anime and a list of upcoming shows. Accessible in the USA, UK, Canada, India, and 50 other countries.

14. Animeland

Known for its best-dubbed anime, this site offers an easy-to-navigate interface and the ability to view and download desired anime. Accessible worldwide.

15. Kimcartoon

Allows free online viewing of favorite anime series and offers updated series downloads. Features include a variety of categories and accessibility in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and more.

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