Top 10 Anime Girl With Brown Hair

Top 10 Anime Girl With Brown Hair

In anime, girls are as important as other characters. Be it a companion of the main protagonist or a significant character in the series, anime girls have their own charisma. You can realize it by the role of some of the most popular anime girls such as Code Geass CC, Bulma DBZ, or Rias HSDXD etc. Their part in the series is crucial and thrilling at the same time.

It would not be wrong to say that anime girls make the story intense and keep the audience involved in the series as well, especially if they are playing a role alongside the main character. Plus, some of these Anime Girls With Brown Hair cannot only fight well but incredibly beautiful as well.

Let’s take a look at the list of 10 stunning Anime Girl with Brown Hair.

1. Cana Alberona


A character from Fairytale guild, Cana is shown as a humorous girl who is incredibly loyal at the same time. However, rumors have it that she is an alcoholic. Fans love Cana simply because she is hard-working. If you have seen the series, you might be familiar with her charming personality and beautiful face. Her subtle-tanned skin complements her brown hair.

No doubt, she is one the most attractive anime girls you can see in different series. Apart from her beauty and hard work, there is another personality trait that sets her apart from other girls. She is courageous as well and dreams to become S-class mange in the future.

2. Fuwa Aika

Fuwa - anime girl with brown hair

Fuwa Aika from the Blast of Tempest is an interesting character which is not common in most anime. If you are a fan of this series, you may admire the movement of her long locks that increase her grace and elegance. Her long brown hair makes her the beautiful anime girl.

3. Furukawa Nagisa

Anime gril with brown hair - Nagisa_Furukawa

From Clannad, Nagisa is a sweet Anime Girl With Brown Hair who has weak immunity. This is why she gets ill quite often. Not only this, this anime girl suffers from a lack of confidence so needs motivation from others to continue further.

Despite that, she is cute and has dark colored hair that does not appear harsh. Her hair color also enhances her golden eyes and makes her appear more beautiful.

4. Shimura Otae

Shimura Otae with brown hair

Otae has brown eyes and brown hair that she tied in a ponytail. Not to mention, she is also a beautiful woman and her beauty is a center of attention. Her good looks draw plenty of attention to her workplace.

Although she has several skills, she often gets praised for her intense beauty. Moreover, Otae knows her boundaries and do not let men disrespect her in any way. She also shares a cordial relationship with her brother. On the other hand, she has a slightly different personality. She does have some negative traits such as ego and short-temper.

5. Sango

Sango with brown hair

She is a combination of beauty and courage. Sango loves her brother just like Otae. Moreover, this Anime Girl With Brown Hair travels to get justice for her dear family. Sango long, beautiful, and dark hair is admired by everyone. She keeps her hair tied in a high ponytail and has fringes on the front.

6. Iki Hiyori

Iki Hiyori

Not just good looks, but Hiyori is blessed with magical qualities as well. She can slip in and out from her physical form anytime she wants. You can call her a thinker too. She is one of those people who analyze what is right and wrong in any situation. Apart from this, Hiyori has brown and long hair that complements her face and enhances her beauty.

7. Momozono Nanami

Momozono Nanami

You will find Nanami personality quite different. She wants to improve herself and works for it tirelessly. Her long brown hair goes well with her warm personality. Not only human beings but deities seem to attract by her charismatic appearance.

8. Hanji Zoe

Hanji Zoe

Zoe from the Attack on Titan is known as a mad scientist. She fascinates the way Titans function and explores chemistry, biology, or anything that is associated with them. She has a fierce personality.

So, her every encounter with the species seem to her an opportunity to learn more about them. It would not be wrong to call her beauty with brains. Zoe does not pay attention to her looks. She simply ties her brown hair back in a ponytail and still looks charming.

9. Natsume Asako

Natsume Asako

An online blogger, Natsume, from My Little Monster, has a huge fan following. She looks forward to befriending with Shizuku. The fun part is when girls see her a threat but Natsume has unique qualities. She has gorgeous brown hair along with bangs. Her breathtakingly beautiful and big eyes make her even attractive. She is one of the soft-hearted and beautiful anime girls.

10. Aioi Yuuko

Aioi Yuuko

Lastly, the protagonist Yuuko is a fun and energetic Anime Girl With Brown Hair. Although she seems to be a nice girl, she is under the influence of bad luck. Not to only this, bad things often happen to her out of nowhere.

Yuuko tries her best to keep herself protected from the bad things but she is not successful most of the time. Her brown hair depicts the softness of her personality. However, it showcases opposite of her personality. Despite that, her character engages the audience.

Bottom Line

Anime girls are necessary for these series. They do not only play different characters but make a season interesting as well. The aforementioned Anime Girls with Brown Hair have done fantastic jobs in different animes. Each character has its own traits and is quite popular among the fans – which one is your favorite?

Nancy Barbara

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