Avast Cleanup Premium Review – is It Worth?

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Avast cleanup is basically an antivirus solution. It is specially used for the optimization of your PC. According to Power Consulting cyber security experts… It cleans up your PC in a proper manner; it removes all sorts of viruses present in your PC. After the cleanup, it speeds up your PC. You can use Avast cleanup tool for free as well as you can purchase its premium version.  The free version provides limited functionality whereas the premium version provides additional functionalities

My topic of discussion is Avast Cleanup Premium so Avast cleanup premium is basically a tool which is responsible for the scanning of your PC in order to capture the viruses, issues etc. it is also responsible for the performance of your PC. By using this tool, the performance of your PC gets improved. it also handles the storage issues and most importantly the security issues of your PC.

This article is basically a review of Avast Cleanup Premium. I will explain how well Avast cleanup works and clean up your PC.  I will be mentioning about some of its features, its advantages and last but not the least; is it worth using Avast Cleanup Premium.

What Is Avast Cleanup Premium?

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Avast cleanup premium works exactly in the way it is written on its tin. Avast cleanup is a premium app for your PC for a single user; it costs up to $49.99 for one year. For two users, it is $89.99 and for three users, it is $129.99.


1. Speeds up your PC.

2. Free up disk space.

3. Fix issues within your computer.

4. Fix Junk files.

5. Fix Redundant apps.


Here I am providing the list of features that Avast cleanup premium includes:

·        It is a junk file remover. It removes the old files by emptying your recycle bin. It also removes the files that are kept your PC with uninstalled programs.  The files that are not referenced are no longer users because of this app.

·        It is a registry cleaner. In your PC, you install and uninstall programs. Because of this, your registry gets expands. This expedition is recovered by the registry cleaner of Avast cleanup that removes all your registry entries that cause a load on your PC.

·        It is a browser cleaner. It cleans up your browser and removes all the old plugins and cookies.

·        It puts an app to sleep. It puts open apps to sleep and give priority to the program that you are using.

·        It is a shortcut cleaner. It removes shortcuts from your desktop and applications and streamlines the experience of a user,

Is It Worth Using Avast Cleanup Premium?

Apart from all other advantages and features of Avast cleanup that I have mentioned above, still the question arises; is it worth using Avast cleanup premium?

Yes, it is worth using Avast cleanup premium because it looks after your computer without your involvement.  It is extremely beneficial for optimizing your PC. You always install and uninstall programs; you delete the old apps from your browser. You also need to free up hard disk space and remove the junk files.


So all the above-mentioned tasks are performed by Avast cleanup premium in an efficient way although you can do these tasks by yourself but Avast cleanup will automatically do these tasks when it is needed and will improve the speed of your PC in a great way and you will not have to do anything for the look after of your PC’s performance because Avast cleanup will be responsible for each and every functioning of your PC.

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