Common Renovation Mistakes Interior Designer Do

Common Renovation Mistakes Interior Designer Do

Home renovation is what everyone requires at a point. Always make sure to do everything right for the first time. Home renovation can take a massive bite from your budget if you don’t get it done correctly. There are a lot of mistakes people regularly make and end up spending more than their budget. So if you also want to renovate your home, then contact any renovation contractor in Singapore to make things easier. 

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So here are some of the common mistakes people make.

1.   Setting the Irrational Budget

Keep this in mind that renovations always cost more than you expect. Always set a balanced budget to make it practical. Moreover, set an extra 20% as safe side budget for the better preparation of elements you are getting for your home. 

2.    Not Complimenting the Original Style

Yes, add-ons do not always need to be the same as the original structure. But, it is essential to complement it with the original architecture style as it will increase its resale value along with making it look great while you live there and at a time of resale. 

3.   Underestimating Functionality of Shape

Never sacrifice the function over the formation. Always consider the way you live in your house. That is what affects the detailing of your home, like windows, doors, cabinets, etc. Assure to get the things that are functional according to the way you live, along with looking great. 

4.   Getting Most Trending Objects

Trending and updated looks are always great, but also keep in mind the resale value. Note that trends live temporarily, while good and appealing designs last longer. Get in touch with the designer to get perfect designing that has class and appeal both. 

5.   Selection of Appliances at Last

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Always select your appliances before the renovation, or it can end up not fitting the space. This is one of the most common mistakes people make. Also, ensure that the overall design is accommodating the items and appliances you want. 

6.   Ignoring Details

Always consider particular features and aspects that can make the renovation worthy for you. Detail your house in a way that it becomes efficient for you. Ignoring details to add that later can really cause you damage. Installing all the details during the home renovation will save your time and money both. 

7.   Not Hiring Professionals

It is another great mistake people make. Professionals are always the best way to provide you with ease with your work. Interior designers can help you in making your plans and demands efficient and functional. Not hiring professionals can get you into trouble because you can never know what they know is in this field for years.

8.   Wrong Selection of Paint

You may require different colors for each room, this depends on the usage of the room and what it’s exposed to. Most often, matte finishes get used for the ceiling as it makes it look recede. For the reflection of light to walls, satin-finished works well. For easy cleaning, you can go for semi or high gloss finishes.

9.   Not Knowing Measurements

You should know the measurements of everything you have in your house from the couches to the windows. You can note that in a list. This will help you in buying things and designing accordingly. 

These are the most common mistakes people make while renovating their houses. If you do not know enough about renovation, then you must consult a professional designer who can help you and make things simpler. Ask him a question and take advice as it’s about the place you live in.

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