Elliot Search Engine Wiki

Elliot Search Engine Wiki

Elliot search engine is introduced by a company named We Technology. Elliot search engine is basically a Metasearch engine. Elliot search engine allows its users to search from one search engine to many another search engine. Elliot search engine works in a way like when a user gives input in an Elliot search engine, Elliot search engine sends out queries to another search engine for accessing information.

Elliot search engine is basically a Metasearch engine that produces results for the user from so many other engines. These other search engines include some major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and some smaller search engines like Giga Blast and Mojeek.  In this article, I will be briefly explaining about Elliot search engine. I will further explain how this Metasearch engine works and I will further mention some of the other Meta search engines that are present on the web.

Elliot Search Engine

Elliot Meta search engine is basically a portal for so many other major search engines and smaller search engines as well. The idea of creating Elliot Meta search engine is quite different. An Elliot Meta Search Engine was not created and developed with the intention of competing with Google or some of the other search engines. Elliot Meta search engine is just unable to compete with Google because we all know Google is much stronger among all search engines. We really rely on Google and most especially we trust Google. Many B2B businesses depend on search engines like Google to drive leads and sales, says JumpFactor.

In Elliot Meta search engine, a user can search the material of their choice in a single interface where their favorite search engines are included. Many major and smaller search engines have been integrated into a single Metasearch engine named as Elliot.

It’s been 6 years that people are using Elliot Meta search engine. In these 6 years, the project of an Elliot Metasearch engine faced many stages and ups and downs but every single stage during this time period of 6 years works for the improvement of Elliot Meta search engine. the project has been accomplished by a single person only that worked so hard in order to integrate all your favorite search engines into a single place named as Elliot Meta Search engine.  In the future, we might see people included in this project for improving it more and more. Elliot Metasearch engine produces direct results for you from the search engine of your choice.

Some Other Meta Search Engines

Here I am going to list down a few names of meta search engines that work same like Elliot Meta search engine.

1. Mamma.

2. KartOO.

3. Ithaki.

4. Seekz.

5. iBoogie.

6. Zuula.

7. inCrawler.

8. WinkSeek.

9. Seek2Day.

10. QkSearch.

11. Turboscout.


From the above-given explanation, it is concluded that Elliot Metasearch engine integrates many other major and smaller search engines into one beautiful interface. An Elliot Meta Search engine basically acts as a portal for so many other search engines. It is a great platform for using many great search engines all at one place.

Nancy Barbara

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