Flash Earth Puts Google Earth, Virtual Earth & Others On Web

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Flash earth is basically a mapping system. Flash earth is basically a map which is zoomable. Flash earth is running with the help of websites and is using satellites and aerial imagery. Flash earth uses satellites and aerial imagery from websites like Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth, NASA and much more than that.

Flash Earth is basically a Flash-based map that uses satellites and aerial from the websites present on the Web. Flash Earth provides you the real-time location using satellites.  The Flash Earth contains the zoomable map of the earth. In order to get the real-time location of earth, flash earth collects the data for mapping from Microsoft Virtual Earth, Google Maps, NASA Terra and some Open Layers.

Flash Earth provides you with an opportunity of selecting the map of your choice. After selecting the map of your choice, you will be able to drag that map to the location you want to. Basically, in this article, I will be briefly explaining more about Flash Earth. I will further explain how Flash Earth has put Google Earth, Virtual Earth and Others on the Web.


What is Flash Earth?

Flash Earth is a great zoomable map which lets you select one map at a time and then the selected map can be dragged to the location of a user’s choice. Flash Earth is an experimental application. A flash Earth is basically to view the satellites and aerial of earth from the multiple websites. The usage is done inside the single flash-based interface.

What You Can Do By Using Flash Earth?

Here I am providing a list of privileges that are granted for using flash earth in an effective way:

1. Flash earth lets you select any map from those of the present maps.

2. You can drag the selected map of your choice to the location you want.

3. In order to bring your map to your desired location, you can move your map by clicking or dragging on it.

4. You can also use the arrow keys or compass control in order to move your map to the location of your choice.

5. A user can zoom in and zoom out the map by dragging the sidebar to up and down.

6. In order to zoom the map of your choice, you can also the plus and minus keys that are present at the side of your map.


From the above-given explanation, it is concluded that flash earth is a flash-based map that uses satellites and aerial imagery from the multiple websites that are present on the Earth.  From the above-given explanation, it is cleared that it provides multiple pillages to its users like selecting a map, then dragging of a map to the desired location and zooming in and zooming out of the map by selecting the plus and minus button.   So in short, flash earth provides you the real-time location of earth.

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