5 Softwares E-learners should Install in Their Computers

5 Softwares E-learners should Install in Their Computers

E-learning is slowly taking over traditional learning. Most people, mostly the working class who wants to further their education but has limited time enroll for virtual learning where they can learn from their homes or offices. Another category is those undertaking courses that are provided virtually.

E-learning has also been accelerated following the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic. Almost a year since the deadly virus invaded the world, it still shows little signs of slowing down and this has got stakeholders in the education sectors thinking. The resolution has been, in most cases, to adopt e- learning in colleges, schools, training centers, and universities.

E-learning has been made easier by the regular development and update of online educational tools. For the e-learning process to be smooth and effective, learners must equip themselves with the necessary online educational tools.

One of these tools are e – learning software that are essential for the course you are studying. For instance, an architect would need a designing software while a statistician will need a statistical modelling software.

Well, there are lots of tools that support virtual learning but here are some that would cut across all the courses. 


This tool was built for students learning remotely by a group of teachers to solve the problem of providing support and feedback. 

Floop is a tool that students use to raise their hands in class virtually. With Floop, students can send pictures with comments, they can highlight where they have got problems, and raise questions. Teachers on the other hand will reply to the students’ comments and provide answers or feedback.

To submit a sign online using Floop, students snap photos of their documents and upload them. 

For more interesting and engaging online classes, you should have this software installed on your computer. 

Exam Testing

Exam testing is an online exam software that allows you to perform a number of tasks. It is used by both teachers and learners. As a learner, this online software is important. It has a feature that alerts you via email or message when there is a change in your exam timetable. 

Another important feature of this tools is that it allows learners to self-register for exams, competitive learners to challenge themselves, and rewards the motivated learners. 

This tool keeps learners focused as it also curbs exam cheating by detecting copy-pasting. 


If there is a software that has made a name following the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic is Zoom. Things went remote and people started using zoom for video conferencing. This is because it allows more participants at once, 100, more than any other tool. It also became popular because of its free version. 

The education sectors are not left out as teachers, administrators and students are also using zoom. 

As a learner, Zoom allows you to record calls and videos during lessons. You can also share your screen with your teacher or peers. It also has a feature for small group discussions where you can hold your discussion with your fellow students at the comfort of your backyard. 

This is an ideal tool for learners in terms of video lessons.

Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is a word processor tool that is ideal for remote learners. It has three functionalities for creating, sharing, and editing work. It does these in real-time.

Learners can create work and share it with their teachers as well as their peers. It also allows you to add comments throughout the document. 

This is a good tool for students because not only it has three functionalities, but also of its free nature.

Fill Any PDF

E-learning means almost everything is done online ranging from learning to assessment, to exam, and finally to certification. While doing all these, there is an important aspect of signing. 

An electronic signature is becoming a norm in the digital world. As a learner, you will need to sign after attending classes and after doing exams

Fill Any PDF is a tool that helps you with all this. It helps you fill any form online, be it in word or pdf format. This tool can save you time because you don’t have to physically drive to school to sign your documents.


The education sector is slowly but steadily embracing technology. This is evident by the number of changes evidenced in education sectors in terms of technology over the years. 

E-learners are the ambassadors of educational tools, therefore, they must equip themselves with the necessary tools to make the virtual learning process a success. There are many educational tools online, these are just a few. You can choose the one that fits your needs. 

Apart from educational tools, e-learners must install software like Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office, Plug-ins, etc. This software works hand in hand with the educational tools.

Nancy Barbara

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