Leah Stardew Valley: Video Game Friendship & Marriage Guide

Leah Stardew Valley: Video Game Friendship & Marriage Guide

Let’s try to live one day as Leah Stardew Valley. Do you ever try to have a routine like Leah? I would love to enjoy her character if I ever get a chance ever in my life. Oh wait a minute; do you know Leah Stardew Valley? No, it’s all right. No need to worry about that. This article will tell you about the Leah Stardew Valley.

What is Stardew Valley?

It is an open-ended country-life game. Here you will have a farm plot that is inherited by a grandfather in Stardew Valley. In the beginning, you will get some hand-me-down tools and just a few coins. You will then start a new beginning of your new life in this valley.

Can you imagine learning to live off the land? Or the overgrown fields into a thriving home? It will not be easy. The old way of life was demolished by Joja Corporation that came to town. But in spite of that this Valley still seems full of opportunity. You with your little dedication will definitely restore Stardew Valley to greatness.

Let’s Know About Leah

Leah is a girl who lives in a small cabin that is situated just outside of town. Actually she loves spending time outside, foraging for the wild meal, or to enjoy the gifts of different seasons. No doubt she is a brilliant artist with a huge portfolio of work but also seems quite nervous about displaying it in public. Maybe you could help her by boosting up her confidence.

Leah is a villager. She lives in a small cottage, which is present outside Pelican Town. Moreover, she is one of the twelve characters that are available to marry. Leah starts sculpting inside her cottage every morning. The home opens at sharp 10’ O’clock every morning. Do you want to enter Leah’s home? You have to acquire two hearts in friendship for visiting her home.

If Leah will be at the cottage, while you visit her cottage for the first time, you will be triggered in an event. 

leah stardew valley

Daily Schedule Of Leah

Leah wakes up at 10:00 am every day. Then she begins the sculpting in her cottage. After attaining two friendship hearts, players start visiting her. After sculpting she usually goes outside the cottage to draw beside the pond in the woods, to Pierre’s General store while sometimes towards the bench during summer at 12 o’clock.

Do you like the rain? Of course, you must love it just like Leah. During rainy days in the spring season, Leah goes to The Stardrop Saloon at 4:00 pm. Moreover, through appointments, she visits the clinic on the 16th of spring.  Further, she usually goes to bed between 10-12 at night. 

What Are Heart Events?

The more you will play, the more hearts you will receive during heart events. 

  • Two Hearts

Through these two hearts, you will see her working on a sculpture. Moreover, she will discuss it with you.

  • Four Hearts

You will see that Leah is arguing with her ex-partner through the phone. Her partner will ask her to come back to the city that she left before. Moreover, after that call, she will tell you about her life story and will ask you for suggestions.

  • Six Hearts (1)

When you will collect six hearts for the first time, Leah will say that she has a gift for you. You will then receive the sculpture through which she has been working.

  • Six Hearts (2)

Leah will try to reach the fruit. The fruit will be on the large tree above the lake. She will not be able to reach it so you will lift her on your shoulders. Leah will greet you thanks.

  • Eight Hearts

You will arrive to find others that will be already present. Leah will be very happy to see you and very nervously she will start her art show. Further, she will thank everyone for coming.  Finally, Leah will present her sculpture.

  • Ten Hearts

Leah will talk to everyone, she will claim that she knows, everyone will pass through the forest. There will also be a surprise for everyone that is Picnic.  Here Kel will also appear and will be annoyed to see him/her.

  • Group Ten-Heart Event

That will be a Gossip session. The event will be triggered only once. It will never trigger if you will be married or have a bouquet or have a pendant to one of the married candidates.

  • Fourteen Hearts

Leah will meet with the players, who will be outside the farmhouse in the morning.

leah stardew valley


There are so many games that excite everyone. However, fewer people are fans of country-side games or games that are not violent. Stardew Valley is one of such games that is fun to play and has cute features and characters. 

Let’s make your days busy with Leah Stardew Valley. If you are a true lover of Leah you will definitely love to spend your time with her. Furthermore, it is not just fun to collect hearts and resolve her problems. It is also very helpful for refreshing my mind. 

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