All About The Spanish Christmas Lottery

All About The Spanish Christmas Lottery

The Spanish Christmas lottery is the largest in the world with billions of euros distributed every year in prize money. So without any further ado, lets you play the Spanish Christmas Lottery. 

Walk around Madrid city center— or any Spanish city or city— this year, and you’ll already see the tradition come to life. Lines are drained out from lottery stands and flow under winding holiday lights down the street. Millions of Spaniards would take a lottery ticket (or several) to seek their chance on the big jackpot called El Gordo (which literally means “the fat one”), in between running tickets and shopping for vacationers. Whether you think the Spanish Christmas lottery looks much bigger than most lots you know, you’re not mistaken. Here’s how the annual tradition came to life, why this is important and why you don’t want to skip it for so many everyday people in Spain.

Do you Need to Learn Spanish Christmas Vocabulary

lets you play the Spanish Christmas Lottery

Lottery Before you run out, you will know what you are going to get into and buy a whole lottery ticket (do not, unless you wish to lose € 200). Here are some of the most common words and phrases that you will learn about the Spanish Christmas lottery.

Donation: A donation to the lottery. The whole thing is going to put you back 200 euros, as we said. The number belongs to the same set, separated by 10 décimos. The drawing consists of 170 series, each number consists of 170 billets.

Décimo: A lottery ticket sells € 20 one-tenth.

Number: The principal5-digit billet number, tenth or participation number.

Participation: A tiny fraction of one-twentieth. Many small businesses or indeed some people buy decimos and then split each into a certain number of shares for others to purchase at the price of the tenth owner’s preference.

Series: a collection with the same number of billets. There are 100,000 billets in each series.

Given the good fun that tons are evocating in Spain, their origins tend towards the grainy side. From the military raising funds to the festive tradition. It was the first time that the government created the Christmas lottery in Cadiz in 1812 to raise money for the troops of Spain battling Napoleon’s armies.

Back in the day, the price of a single lottery ticket in modern currency was 40 reels. The major award: an incredible 8,000 pesetas, now just below € 50.

The average Spaniard today spends more every year on stuff, an average of € 66. According to the State Lottery Association, 16 per person, to be exact. Of course, El Gordo has also evolved. The top prize currently amounts to nearly 4 million €, but there are also hundreds of smaller prizes. 

“The Best Prize is Sharing”

lets you play the Spanish Christmas Lottery

You probably think it doesn’t sound as much money for a lottery jackpot while € 4 million isn’t anything to laugh at. Keep in mind that most people with the winning number earn just one-tenth of the money and this is even more disconcerting. Why does a € 400,000 big reward feel attractive?

The truth is that the new feature of the Spanish Christmas lottery is not the price that the winners get. The idea of sharing the prize among family and friends is what makes this lottery unique. A total lottery ticket costs € 200 itself, and that is a long way to go. All tickets are divided into 10 decimos, paying just € 25 per ticket. The same number can be replicated tens of times in multiple full tickets for each decimal of the ticket. The award is therefore divided between all those who share the same amount.

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