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Writing content on the same topic can be difficult, and it is quite understandable in cases where the facts and figures are almost the same. Think about it yourself that if you are writing about a medical disease and its treatments on ten different articles then how you can change the treatment method, the symptoms, the medication and other important facts. The answer is that you simply cannot do it and there is a reason behind it. You can’t just make your own facts and figures out of thin air. So now when you can’t just change the facts and you have to repeat them then how you can save yourself from plagiarism?

This is an important question that we are going to discuss today in detail. The plagiarism detection tools can easily detect self-plagiarism, and if you think that is in some way a less legal offence, then you are totally wrong. So instead of having a debate on this matter, we will simply provide you with some tips that you can simply use to make your entire article of the same topic different in unique! So let us just move towards the guide!

Read The Article in Detail

If you understand this first step and tip, the next will become easier for you. You must know that reading an article will give you a complete understanding of how you can manage the content to be unique. You can either read your own article or any other article you caretaking reference from. So when you start reading the article, you begin to understand the main concepts and the deep ideas that they consist of. If you read and understand the concept you can move towards the next tip of the guide!

Understanding The Main Idea

Understanding The Main Idea!

You must know that understanding the main idea of the written content is only important and any other supporting details are not necessary, once you get the hang of the main idea you can just simply use it to write your own different article. You must know that some publications are not the property of the writer but are of the public, and that is you can easily use the idea in your own words!

Convert The Ideas into Simple Sentences and Phrases

If you are planning to rewrite an article, then it is essential that you break the sentences and rewrite them in your own words. You can just simply move from sentence to sentence and split the paragraph in your own words. This is a technique that is also used by the different paraphrasing tools that are available on the internet. We will talk about the paraphrasing tools in detail below but know that the unique content will be the one rewritten by your own hands.

Avoid Grammar Mistakes in Your Paraphrasing

Now, this is yet another important tip because sometimes when we change the content in our own words, we simply make grammatical mistakes. So if you are paraphrasing yourself or are using some paraphrasing tools to do business then make sure that there are no grammar mistakes in the article and especially spelling mistakes.

To Review Your Article After Spinning

To Review Your Article After Spinning
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The article spinner tool is said to be the best paraphrasing tool available on the web for spinning an article. But as you know that every computerized content will be extra professional, in simple words it would be like too good to be true type of scenario which will immediately get detected by the plagiarism detector tools or by simple human reading. We recommend that if you use paragraph rewriter or article spinner tool, then you must easily try and review your article at least once before publishing.

Now reading the spun article will tell you about the content that does not look original and you can simply change that content into your own pet words. While using the article rewriter, you must understand that self-reviewing is important or it can be more embarrassing them committing plagiarism.

You can give us your suggestions and feedback about the best tool that you have used for spinning and how your experience was with the tool.

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