Pakistani Citizens Do Not Have to keep Applying for a Visa With The New NICOP

Pakistani Citizens Do Not Have to keep Applying for a Visa With The New NICOP

The National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis is a computerised document that Pakistani citizens who live out of the country are entitled to, as long as they have a passport with dual citizenship. The major benefit of having a NICOP is that it allows people to travel in and out of both countries without having to constantly apply for visas. There are a specific number of countries tied up with Pakistan that allow for the application of dual citizenship and people from these countries would not have any trouble going through the works. The most important requirement to get a NICOP is a valid passport. In many cases, even children have applied and received their NICOP but had to apply for their passport first. 

Does The NICOP Have An Expiration Date?

Like most documents used as proof of identification, the NICOP too has an expiration date which is connected to the age of the individual who applied for it. There are various slabs, for instance, if a child applies for their NICOP, they would have a ten-year expiration date or it would expire as soon as they turn 18. The same goes for people who apply for their NICOP as adults, it would depend on their age at the time of applying. 

What is The Process Of Applying For The NICOP Document?

The National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis can be handled through the NADRA website which is the easiest way to go. The website has a list of all information they would need and the applications to allow people to finish the process in less than an hour. 

The second way of handling this is through the office which is probably a tougher, longer approach for the NICOP. NADRA has about 800 offices within the country and five international offices as well. They are one of the largest Government connected offices in the world in terms of their manpower of about 11000 people and the amount of information they collect, which include all the details of people and their biometric information. Handling the process through the office implies that applicants have to collect the application forms and supporting documents. They also have to go back to provide biometrics, get their photographs taken, and hand over their passport. 

How Long Does it Take to Receive The NICOP?


In most cases, people receive their NICOP in less than a month of going through the entire process. However, there are instances where some people might need to hurry the process since they are leaving the country or for other reasons, they can pay an additional amount and apply for an urgent NICOP and get it in half the time. 

There is a third option that is rare and used in the smallest and rarest of exceptions where the document is fast-tracked and submitted in under a week. This would also cost some money which would have to be made aware at the beginning of the application process.

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