Top Tools for Content Marketing Professionals

Top Tools for Content Marketing Professionals

It’s always important for content marketing professionals to use quality tools to improve their writing. Plagiarism in simple terms is copying content that belongs to someone else and using it without rephrasing/paraphrasing. This is not a permissible activity whether you are submitting copied content for a college assignment or using plagiarized information for writing a blog. It does happen that when you are rephrasing information, some parts of the content are skipped. When the content is checked, the plagiarized sections are identified. Students do not have appropriate precautions when they are working on the assignment. When it is checked by academic supervisors, the finest automated tools are used. The purpose is to make sure that the assignment is original and no part has been copied. Before the grade is awarded, a complete check has to be performed.

  • The best method of checking an assignment, web content or any other form of writing is using a proper tool. Efficiency is one of the main reasons. Even people who are very intelligent and have a strong presence of mind make mistakes. In case of assignment submission, no chances should be taken. When you rely on manual proofreading, it is taking chances with plagiarism.

Selecting the correct tool for plagiarism is the key.  Some of the top rated plagiarism checking tools you should take into consideration are listed below.


Prepostseo is an online tool used to check plagiarism in written content. You do not have to install any application to use this tool. If you have a working internet connection, you can use this tool. It is fast in terms of response. Once the content is uploaded, it would scan through it and provide you with the response in a short while. If you are not using a proper tool, the process would be much longer.

  • When you talk about plagiarism, you should remember that there is no room for error. Consider an example. If you have submitted a blog that has copied content, what adverse effects would you have to go through? This question has a very simple answer. First of all, your website would lose credibility because submission of copied content is a negative act in terms of search engine ranks. People would stop trusting your website and it would lose traffic. Secondly, people would not read a blog post as it would not offer anything new.

Free usage without application of conditions

A lot of tools claim to offer free usage but it is mostly a trick to get customers. Once you start using it, the free usage cannot be continued after a particular span of time. This is when the user has to purchase the paid version to continue with the usage. This tool is completely free and no conditions are applied. There are no restrictions for users and all the features can be used. Users do not need to worry about paying anything to use the features.

Easy to Use Tool

Most users do not have a liking for any learning process. If a tool is complicated, they do not use it and seek an alternative. In case of this tool, users can easily adapt it because the interface is very simple. The features are easy to interpret so no learning time is needed. It is very beneficial for students who have to perform a plagiarism check every time an assignment has to be submitted. As this tool is free, you can use it as many times as you want. In an overall manner, it is one of the recommended tools for checking plagiarism.


This is a free tool with an easy to adopt interface. By following few simple steps, the written content is checked for plagiarism. If any part of the content is copied, it is shown to the user. After that, the user can rephrase the written content and scan the content using the tool again. If there are no traces of plagiarism, the content can be submitted.

  • The usage process of this tool is easy. It is an online tool so nothing has to be installed prior to usage. There are two options to upload the content. If the content is in the form of a document, you can upload it directly. The other alternate is pasting the content as text. The tool has a text box for this purpose. You can move on to the next step after this step has been completed.
  • After uploading the content, you can perform the plagiarism check. The mechanism for this is very simple. The tool would read through the written content and indicate plagiarized sections. If none of the sections are copied, nothing would be highlighted. On the other hand, if any part of the content is plagiarized, you need to execute the paraphrasing process for that section again.
  • If you are looking for a fast tool that can scan the content quickly, this is one option you can seriously consider. It even goes through large chunks of content quickly.


This tool carries the reputation of being one of the finest. It is used by various user categories according to their individual requirements. For instance, if you are a blog writer, the tool would work well for you. For blog writers, producing original content is the key. If you publish a post with copied content, it would be rejected immediately. In addition to that, you would lose your reputation as a blogger.

  • Copyscape is a high standard tool to check content for plagiarism. When we are compiling content, we use different sources to gather the material that we need. The key challenge is rephrasing this content and avoiding plagiarism. This is where you need to be watchful and adopt a careful approach. One way to check the content is manual proofreading. However, this option does not work that well. You can skip errors while proofreading so using this plagiarism checker would obviously help.
  • This tool is meant for all kinds of users. If you are a student, you can use it to check assignments. Similarly, if you are a professional author, you can check the content of your book prior to publishing.

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