Reasons to Use Office Online on Your Computer

Reasons to Use Office Online on Your Computer

Do you still think that Office Online is much inferior to its full-fledged Office 365 counterpart merely because it’s free? You’re deeply mistaken.

Now that Microsoft Office is subscription-based, more and more users start looking for more pocket-friendly Office alternatives. If you also find Microsoft Office a little bit pricey, we suggest that you take a closer look at the online office productivity suite that can serve as a worthy substitution for a standalone copy of Microsoft Office.    

No Subscription Fees 

The reason why so many users choose Office Online is as clear as a day – it’s free. Moreover, it’s the only legal method to start using Microsoft productivity tools without paying a dime. 

With such versions as Office 2013 and Office being daylight robbery, Microsoft lost a good many loyal customers. Of course, there’s a more pocket-friendly option, Office 365, you can download for about $10. Still, some users find themselves reluctant to pay and continue exploring other options. If you’re also in search of an efficient office productivity suite, we suggest that you set your sights on Office Online wherewith you’ll be able to use such famous tools as Word, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, and PowerPoint for free. Moreover, you’ll have such handy tools as Sway, Forms, and Flow at your disposal. 

Waste no more time and log in to your Microsoft account. Head to the Office apps page and get your hands on a desired app!  

Ability to Access and Edit Files from Anywhere 

Random crashes are a nightmare to every user who hasn’t saves the changes made to a document or presentation. Still, it’s no longer the case with Office Online, which saves all changes to cloud as you go.  So, you won’t need to save your progress manually all the time.  

Furthermore, Office Online is an excellent solution to those users who can access their files from different devices and manage their document on the go. With all your documents being stored in OneDrive, you’ll be able to access any required file and edit it in the blink of an eye if need be. 

Microsoft also provides you with 5GB of free storage space that will suffice to store thousands of Word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. 

Word Online Save As Prompt

We highly recommend that you install a free OneDrive application onto your smartphone. This handy app will come in handy when it’s necessary to edit your documents on the go or quickly pull them up. 

It also should be noted that Office Online can be used on virtually any device, be it a desktop computer or a smartphone. Moreover, it’s perfectly compatible not only with Windows, but also Mac and Linux. So, you definitely won’t be lacking flexibility if you opt for Office Online! You can download free Office Android and iOS apps for PowerPoint, Word, and Excel right now and start enjoying a variety of useful functions Office is famed for. 

Easy Collaboration and Sharing 

It’s not a secret that productivity tools are widely used to enhance and facilitate file sharing and collaboration. As you know, it’s common practice to occasionally share Office documents via email. Still, if you need to share multiple files, especially large ones, on a regular basis, doing that over email isn’t an option. Office Online boasts a handy “Share” option you can use to quickly send a link to your colleague. You can also allow third-party users to make corrections and changes to shared documents. Thus, with Office Online you’ll be able to maximize your personal productivity and enhance your team collaboration. To work on your project simultaneously with your team member, both of you should open a required document.

Office Online Share Document

It should be noted that the desktop version of Office also features a similar option. But it’s much more difficult to set up. 

Bottom Line 

Now that you know about the major benefits of Office Online, it’s high time you visited Office apps page and availed yourself of an online office suited offered by Microsoft. At the same time you should be mindful of the fact that Office Online cannot offer as many options as its desktop counterpart. Should you require anything beyond the basics, say, such apps as Publisher, Access, Visio, or Project, consider purchasing the full version.  

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