Why You Should Get Hot Tub Spas

Why You Should Get Hot Tub Spas

There are few things in life as satisfying as a good hot soak. Whether on a cold winter night or a balmy summer evening, the relaxing experience it provides is incomparable. It is no wonder then that our ancestors were so obsessed with them!

The first spas hail from the times of ancient Greece, whose citizens believed that bathing in thermal waters could help them restore the balance of their bodily fluids. This belief then transferred to Roman culture who then spread this custom all over their empire and the world. Follow this link to find out more: www.ancient.eu/Roman_Baths

A Delight Enjoyed Through History

The Roman baths were as famous then as they are today, and they even built an entire city around their spas, which still stands and carries the name of its purpose – the English city Bath! While primarily the purpose of these baths was to heal the soldiers returning from war, soon enough, even highly ranked members of society joined in on the fun. 

However, the Romans were not the only ones that took part in this soothing activity. During the Ottoman Empire’s reign, the Turks also developed their baths called hammams, which evolved from the ancient Roman baths but developed certain religious connotations and adopted the Islamic world’s cultural trademarks.

Further north, the people of the Nordic countries also came up with their own versions of spas. Due to their proximity to geysers, Scandinavians created the saunas that are to this day called as such and part of gyms and resorts worldwide. Talk about an international success!

Last but not least, the Japanese had inns alongside roads meant for travelers to stay in on their journey, which often contained bathhouses. Called ryokan, these structures are less like our modern hotels but more like small villages that offer various ways for the rest of the voyagers. Nowadays, they are rare to find and incredibly expensive because of their services.

What all of these types of spas have in common is they are almost all built on or around thermal springs. Of course, this is because these underground waters contain many beneficial elements and minerals that help with various chronic illnesses. Click here to learn more about it.

Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of having our thermal spring in our backyard. So, what are you to do when you want to have a nice long soak but can’t afford a trip to an expensive spa complex? Well, luckily for you, buying your hot tub to serve as a mini spa has never been easier!

Advantages of Having a Hot Tub

The most widely known benefit of owning a hot tub is its potential for relaxation. You might think it is not that much different from your regular bathtub, but you would be severely wrong. Unlike bathtubs, hot tubs have way more properties to them that can enhance your experiences, such as bubbling, massage jets, and even potential for aromatherapy.

Moreover, hot tubs can be shared and could be an excellent addition to your dinner party. Many people are impressed upon learning that their hosts own one of these, and all you need is to provide them with a fizzy drink to have a great time!

Additionally, if you are struggling with chronic pain, much like the bathhouses of yore, hot tubs could provide you with some much-needed relief. Namely, the water jets built into them can supply you with some very effective massages, saving you the money spent at the massage therapist every month.

This could also lead to improved sleep, which a lot of us struggle with these days. The relaxation after spending some time in your hot tub could lull you into restful dreams without the help of any supplements such as melatonin or prescription drugs.

Lastly, some studies show that spending an hour in a hot tub could result in the same amount of calorie loss as a thirty-minute walk! This is impressive considering that you are not moving at all, and what a better way to lose weight than by relaxing and reading your book? It is genuinely killing two birds with one stone!

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