The Witcher 3 – Where To Find The Cat School Gear

The Witcher 3 – Where To Find The Cat School Gear

The Witcher 3 is basically a game. It is a sort of an action playing video game. It was developed and published by CD Projekt. Witcher is also known as Wiccan. Another name for Witcher is hexer. Basically, a Witcher is someone who undergoes extensive sort of training from mental and physical conditions both.

The Witcher 3 is a wild hunt which is 70 hours long its speed run is 25.  A Witcher is also sometimes called as monster hunter. In this game, a monster hunter is looking for his daughter who was missing from the wild hunt. The daughter was an adopted one. The development of this game was begin in 2011 and then lasts up to 3 and half years.

The release of Witcher 3 occurred in May 19, 2015 by the collaboration of play station of Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.  Talking about setting, so Witcher 3 has been settled around a Continent. The world of Witcher3 is completely a fantasy World.  The fantasy world is then surrounded by parallel dimensions and some sort of extra-dimensional world. According to the review aggregator, Witcher 3 is a great wild hunt who has received universal acclaim. In this article, I will be briefly explaining about that in Witcher 3, where can we find the cat School gear.

Witcher 3

What Is Cat School Gear?

Cat school gear is armor of an action playing video game named as Witcher 3. It also sets the swords to be inspired by the school of cats for the witchers of an action video game. A set of cat school gear includes:

·        Chest armor.

·        Steel and silver swords.

·        Crossbow.

·        Gauntlets.

·        Boots.

·        Trouser.

In the above-mentioned things presented by the cat school gear, all items are upgraded except the crossbow which remained the same like previous.

Where To Find Out The Cat School Gear?

Here I will provide the method by which you will be able to find that where does cat school gear exists?  By this method you will be able to find the cat school gear.


Now I am providing the method of finding cat school gear in proper sequential steps:

Step#1 è use Witcher senses in order to find the loot.

Step#2 è try spotting the chest with the Feline steel sword Diagram.

Step#3 è enhance it from inside.

Step#4 è the next step you have to do is loot it and then return it back to the Reardon Manor Signpost.

Step#5 è head it into the Novigrad using Oxenfurt Gate.

Step#6 è last but not the least, after crossing the city, you have to find out the merchant directly in the building that lies in front of you.


From above-given explanation, it is concluded that Witcher is the best action playing video game but finding cat school gear is a technical task to do. For this purpose the above-mentioned steps must be followed in a proper manner.

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