Write for us – Techtida.com

Write for us – Techtida.com

At Techtida.com, we are always looking for new writers. If you think that you can provide our readers with something different and help to move the Tech industry, we would love to hear more. Just bring a fresh concept on the topics you want to. Please submit the form below.

Email at leadtechtida@gmail.com

Or fill the form below:

    Writing guest posts on challenging topics such as gaming or tech requires a lot of effort. However, with our support, we will ensure you improve. Our team will give you thorough feedback on your piece and revise when needed. Thousands of people will read your work and you will get more information about the process – it is quite rewarding.

    write for us - techtida

    What we require at Techtida.com;

    You can submit any type of draft or even a final content and the outline of your content. The more information you add, the easier it will be for us to go through your guest post. However, here are a few guidelines you need to follow:

    1. Your article should be unique and has a voice of its own. Be interesting and creative.
    2. Follows our guideline
    3. Offer a proper discussion and argument where needed
    4. Is written for audiences who are addicted to gaming and technology
    5. Uses relevant facts and figures

    We publish an article having a word count from 700-2,500 depending totally on the context of the subject. Your tone and content may also vary accordingly. Try to write on the recent topics in the tech industry.

    Why should you Write For Us?

    • The more you write, the more you will improve and your worth as a writer will increase
    • When we publish your guest post along with a link, our readers will click it and increase the traffic of your website.
    • Whether you write for us or any other website, it will help you to promote your portfolio and build your presence on social media.
    • It helps you to work on your writing style, formatting and much more
    • When you work with professional editors, they will guide you positively to improve yourself
    • Your writing pieces are your digital portfolio and resume. When employers want to hire you, they will simply click on it and view all the articles you have written. The more niches you have, the more command you have as a writer.
    • You can also improve your social media image by providing links on the article. In this way, people will want to follow you and will look for more pieces from you
    • After working with us, our team of editors you will have plenty of exposure. Numerous potential employers view our website and any one of them may be attracted to your post.

    Before you start to Write for us, take a look at some actionable tips:

    Writing a post is not that hard, but making it actionable and attractive is. We will share a few tips that you can adapt to make your post a little more interesting to the readers.

    1. Write on your passion

    A genuine writer is the one who can write on any topic assigned. But, if you write on the topics which you love whole-heartedly, it will show in your content too. Realize what is your niche and write on it mainly. It is good to experiment with other niches but sticks to your original favorite.

    1. Be authentic
      Every writer has their own voice, tone, and attitude. Inculcate that in your pieces. Do not copy or plagiarize any other author’s content. You can read and take inspiration only, and write your own content.
    2. Initiate a conversation with the readers

    Readers prefer blogs which are very casual and open. They do not like to read rigid and monotonous pieces. So, be casual and fun and use different slangs and chat like you are talking to your best friend to get the best turnover.

    1. Advice should be practical

    If you are including any relationship or other advice, make sure they are practical. Do not advise which you do not practice yourself.

    1. Support with authentic research

    In some articles, research is required to back up one’s claim. Use relevant, latest and authentic research data, analysis and statistics.

    1. Relevant keywords

    Keywords help optimize your article so that if one searches for something relevant, your piece will show up in the search too. It makes it more discoverable.

    1. Use images and videos

    Use a variety of memes, fun images, and small videos or GIF images where required.

    1. Use links and CTAs

    Link a few keywords to any external sources or even to your website so people can visit it easily. Make sure the URL entered is proper.

    1. Proper Format

    Most writers think people do not care about the format. The truth is, they do. Nobody wants to read a piece which is all over. In the end, make sure you properly align everything, use bold worlds and titles where required. Instead of long paragraphs which can be difficult to read, enlist down the main points.

    1. Proof-read before publishing

    A big mistake is an article full of errors. Make use of software and apps which will detect even the minor spelling and grammar errors. As you complete your article, proof-read it once and ask someone else to do so too. Do not publish before you do that.

    Submission Guidelines

    1. Please Email your guest post document so that it is easy to edit and give feedback. Do not send a ZIP file unless requested.
    2. After submission, wait for an editor to review your article and see if it fits or not.
    3. The feedback will be conveyed to you on your draft
    4. Once you are done with the revisions we require you can send us back. We will review it again.
    5. After acceptance, we will work on further improving any formatting errors.

    Please note that we will schedule your article to publish as soon as editing is final. We do not give a date or time, so please be patient with our team.

    To submit your post, please fill the form given and email us on techtida.com

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