Zuula Metasearch Engine

Zuula Metasearch Engine

Zuula is a search engine. It is a type of Meta search engine. Zuula Meta search engine works in a way that it takes input from its user and provides the result from other different search engines.  Basically, it is a platform that provides results to its users by analyzing various search engines.

When a user searches on Zuula Meta search engine, results are provided to them from different search engines. The Zuula Meta search engine includes some major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and some minor search engines like Gigablast and Mojeek.

Zuula Meta search engine is also termed as Zuula Multi search Engine. It gives information from various search engines in various areas like Web, News, Blogs, images etc. Zuula search engine especially uses Google, Yahoo, and Bing in order to solve out the queries of a user.  In the article given below, I will briefly explain that how this single search engine named as Zuula is a site that searches all the sites including major and smaller search engines.

How Zuula Is A Single Search Engine For Searching All Other Search Engines?

The best thing about Zuula is that it is a search engine that does contain any information of itself; it contains information from multiple search engines.  It is best to use when you want to use the search engine for getting information and the search engine of your favorite choice as well, so you can use both of them at the same time.

The search engine provides access to the information for everything in a different way. Zuula is an easy search engine that makes it easy for the user to change from one engine to another on the basis of the context on the content.

Zuula search engine is much best from the social networking and personalization point of view.  Zuula provides the results from the top search Engines for the designated categories. Zuula is also known as a quick service search engine that provides you quick access to information from all major search engines.

What Are The Features Of Zuula Search Engine?

Zuula Meta search engine provides extensive functionalities and features to its users. It provides advanced features according to the searching point of view.  Following are some of the features and functionalities that Zuula Meta Search Engines provides:

1. It limits to a specific domain.

2. It has the ability to edit the tabs,

3. It has an extent of re-ordering the tabs.

4. It also provides the results from one and so on.


From the above-given explanation, it is concluded that Zuula is a meta search engine that gives output to the user and solves the queries of a user by sending out requests to the other search engines.  Zuula Meta search engine provides easy and quick access to information to its valuable users. The user can get information from multiple search engines as it is also called as Zuula Meta Search Engine

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